School Support

A team of experienced OTs & SLTs for your school 

From Junior to Senior cycles, Gabadoo can support your staff and students at every step

Gabadoo can provide schools with ongoing and individualised support from experienced and registered Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs). 

We assign your school with a Lead Therapist from Gabadoo who will work with your staff to overcome any challenges they may be facing. 

Research has identified a range of benefits to utilising a collaborative approach between therapists, teachers, SNAs & TAs including the ability of mutual sharing of expertise, respect for each other’s unique skills, an increase in students’ concentration, a decrease in undesired behaviours and improvements in effective interventions for children.

Research has also shown that teachers found in-classroom supports, in the child’s ‘natural context’ were less disruptive to their access to the curriculum than the traditional 'pulling children out of class' to complete interventions. 

Research Papers & Articles

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