About Us

Our mission is to relieve the stress of the unknown for families by making allied healthcare available across the lifespan to everyone, everywhere, when they need it.

'Gaba' is the name given to one of the neurotransmitters in our brain, and it has a very important job, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety!

With that specific purpose in mind, qualified child development experts created the Gabadoo Platform.

When parents have a concern or a question about their child's development, it can be difficult to access individualised support quickly. This waiting can lead to anxiety and stress for families, and in many instances, parents just need guidance to work on skill development at home.

Families can be waiting weeks, months or years to get the support and strategies they need. That lack of support can lead to issues that may be present becoming more difficult to resolve.



Our innovative telehealth platform matches your needs with one of our Gabadoo Experts (Occupational Therapist or Speech and Language Therapist) who is experienced in that area. They can equip you with the right strategies, resources, product recommendations and next steps that are specific to your family, so you can start making progress without having to leave home.

The Gabadoo Platform is for all families, whether you are looking for once off support around a specific area, such as tummy-time, handwriting or bedtime routines, or whether you are looking for ongoing support from our Gabadoo Experts for more complex areas of development.



Our Gabadoo Experts are qualified and experienced healthcare professionals who work with families on a daily basis to support them in achieving their goals. 

In a world where there is an abundance of technology, and means of communication, we want to ensure families can easily access support that is convenient and affordable. 


Gabadoo enables you to be Proactive when it comes to your child's development.