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We have built Gabadoo on the foundations of creating a social impact for children, families, and communities, and inevitably, the economy, and your company can be a part of that impact.

Accessing Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy services can take families years. This leads to a lot of stress and anxiety for parents, and due to the lack of support, many children fall behind.

We have broken down the barriers by digitalising the sector and reimagining partnerships between business and healthcare through our multi-award winning platform, Gabadoo.

UNSDG, Well being, Healthcare, Goal 3, Sustainability, CSR, ESG


New legislation now ensures investors, civil society organisations, consumers and other stakeholders have access to a companies sustainability performance so they can assess investment risks.

Having measurable outcomes to include in your Sustainability reporting for your stakeholders can be a challenge, but with Gabadoo you will have precise data on the impact your company is having on society.

You will have data outlining:

  • The speed in which families access these healthcare services compared to the traditional means of accessing them privately or publicly.
  • How many families your company supported.
  • The impact on the well-being of the parents and families.
  • The impact on children's development.
  • The impact on the organisation or school you have supported.


1. Build Stakeholder Awareness & Trust

Gabadoo will provide impactful and branded communications and marketing material for stakeholder communications including an 'Impact Video' showing what your company has achieved.

3. Attract & Retain Talent

CSR practices and social impact can help to attract top talent, especially among younger workers. In nearly 40% of cases, millennials chose their employers based on their social impact.

4. Maintain Competitiveness

Even though you may not be required to comply with CSRD reporting, large companies you supply may require a sustainability report from you for their CSRD reporting. Showing support for initiatives like Gabadoo can show you are making a strong social impact in communities.

5. Staff Engagement

We can provide educational training to your employees so they are aware of the impact your company is making in communities.


Economic benefit of early intervention, ESG, Social Impact, CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


  1. We have an initial call to discuss your budget and the impact it could have.
  2. You select an organisation or school you would like to support (It can be more than one depending on budget). An example of this would be your local primary school, or the Rainbow Club (a centre supporting 1000+ autistic children every week).
  3. Once we have the organisation or school confirmed, we plan how your budget can make the biggest impact with their management team. This can include a mix of direct OT and SLT support to families from our team, parent training, or staff training.
  4. Gabadoo Resources Allocation & Awareness Campaign - Families begin getting support from OTs and SLTs and we create an awareness campaign which will be shared on social media channels.
  5. Final Report & Impact Video - This includes data on the impact your company has made and a 2 to 3 minute video outlining the impact your company has had which could include parent, organisation and therapist feedback. This can be shared on social channels along with stakeholders.

Start making an impact in communities today!