Health Insurance


Is Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy support on Gabadoo covered by my health insurance?

If you have private health insurance and you are covered for Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy support, then you can claim from your insurance provider for support through Gabadoo.

All insurance policies are different and T&Cs can change within them, so you must ensure that OT & SLT support is covered under your specific policy.

Accessing support through Gabadoo would be classed as telehealth and all Gabadoo Experts (OTs & SLTs) are registered with their appropriate governing body e.g CORU, IASLT, RCOT etc and they are also insured to practice.


How do I claim from my health insurer?

To claim from your insurer you must provide them with an appropriate receipt. At present, you will need to contact so we can provide you with this receipt.

Please note: 

Regular Plan: We can issue your insurance receipt once you have received your Gaba Plan back. It is not issued when you pay.

Committed Plan: We can issue your insurance receipt after you have completed your initial consultation and submitted both of your Gabadoo Reviews.

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It is the responsibility of the insurance policy holder to ensure OT & SLT support if covered under their policy and Gabadoo Limited cannot be held responsible for any issues with claiming from your health insurer.