Gabadoo Wins Technology Ireland Industry Award

Gabadoo has been recognised for their exceptional contribution to wider society at the Technology Ireland Industry Awards in the Tech4Good Product category. 

Lorna Martyn, Chair of Technology Ireland and Senior Vice President of Technology at Fidelity Investments said “The award highlights the unique contributions that only the technology sector can provide to support our communities and enrich peoples lives“

Gabadoo is having a far reaching impact across society by making access to qualified child development experts easy for all parents and teachers through their innovative healthcare platform.

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“Winning this award is a huge boost in confidence for our team especially at this early stage and it also provides recognition of the importance of increasing accessibility to support which focuses on a whole family approach, considering both the overall well-being of the child and the emotional well-being of the parent. To access the professionals we have on our platform can take years for families through public and private systems. We have been able to make individualised support available within hours meaning parents are less stressed, and most importantly, children can get support when they need it” – said Jess Kennedy, Gabadoo’s Chief Clinical Officer.

Gabadoo is focused on making their service the first port of call for all families so they can access individualised support for the day to day questions or concerns they may have, while also making it easy for families with children who have a developmental delays or a diagnosis to access expert support.

“The use of technology has allowed us to scale what was typically seen as unscalable. We have been able to make individualised support accessible to all families by building a team of 70+ qualified experts from across Ireland and the UK. Gabadoo will take enormous pressure off GP services and public and private waiting lists meaning families who need more intensive support can access it quicker.” said Gabadoo’s CEO Seán Ó Tuama