Gabadoo Shortlisted for Technology Ireland Tech4Good Award

Gabadoo's mission is to relieve the stress of developmental unknowns for families by cutting waiting times down to hours when looking to acess support from Paediatric Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. 

Gabadoo has been nominated for the 2021 Technology Ireland Awards in the Tech4Good Category along with some incredibly innovative companies including Google. Our platform will have a major social impact not just in Ireland and the UK, but globally. Gabadoo will drastically help to reduce waiting times for services, allowing families who need more intensive face to face support to get it much quicker, while empowering other families with individualised strategies, resources and product recommendations from a developmental expert, so they can confidently support their child at home.

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Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Jessica Kennedy, who is a Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, said “The need for support is growing and Covid-19 has made things much worse. The earlier families can access support the better the outcome will be, and in many instances all parents need is some guidance and strategies on how to support their child. The testing we have been doing with Gabadoo has proven this with 60% of families saying they will not need to access support outside of our platform.”

Co-Founder and CEO, Seán Ó Tuama said “By leveraging technology we have been able to create a new way of working for Allied Health Professionals that is flexible, fully remote and much more efficient, making it possible to support a lot more families. Gabadoo will have a major social impact globally by making expert support available in countries where it typically is not available, and at this early stage, it is amazing to even be shortlisted for the Technology Ireland Tech4Good Award.”

Gabadoo allows families to easily and securely upload videos, images and notes highlighting their question or concern, and based on the area they are looking for support with, Gabadoo matches them with developmental experts who have experience in that area. The information provided is reviewed and the Gabadoo Expert will send the family back a Gaba Plan outlining individualised strategies, relevant organisations, along with product recommendations from our exclusive product partners. Gabadoo uses a family centred, strengths based approach which focuses on building strategies into daily routines that can support a child and a family in achieving their goals.

Gabadoo has brought close to twenty OTs and SLTs back into working in their profession who had left due to family commitments, pursuing PhDs, moved countries or had retired, and the platform has also made it possible for allied health professionals working in the HSE and NHS to do some private work in their spare time. This has led to Gabadoo having an extensive team with highly experienced therapists which is not only creating an amazing community, but it has allowed Gabadoo to grow to be Europe’s largest source of Paediatric Allied Health Support in a matter of months.

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