Bed-Time Routines & Sleep

When should I choose this Area of Focus for my Gabadoo?

Parents may seek support for sleep and bedtime routines through Gabadoo for a number of reasons.

Below are a few common reasons why parents would reach out for support from our team in this area:

If their child consistently struggles with falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing frequent night awakenings.This can lead to sleep deprivation, fatigue, and difficulties in daily functioning for the entire family. Our team can help identify the underlying causes of the sleep difficulties and provide guidance on establishing healthy sleep habits and routines.

If specific sensory needs impact on their child's ability to sleep in certain environments, without certain input (e.g. rocking) or certain input may cause them to wake (e.g. feel of a blanket, clothing, lighting, temperature) etc. Our team can evaluate the sensory implications on sleep along with your guidance. 

If their child has developed specific sleep dependencies that can make it challenging for them to fall asleep independently or self-soothe during night awakenings. For example, they may require specific objects, such as a parent's presence, a particular blanket, or a soother, to fall asleep. Our team can assist parents in gradually and gently transitioning their child to more independent sleep habits.

If their child consistently displays resistance or challenging behaviours during bedtime routines, it can create stress and tension for both the child and the parent. This may include tantrums, delays, or refusal to go to bed, resulting in prolonged bedtimes and disrupted sleep patterns. 

If their child experiences fears related to sleep, such as fear of the dark, nightmares, or separation anxiety. These fears can disrupt the child's ability to relax and fall asleep. 

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Important to Note:

There is a separate 'Area of Focus' for Sensory Processing which you can learn more about here. If this is more appropriate for your child, you should select sensory processing when completing your Gabadoo.  .  

What information do I need to include in my Gabadoo?

As our Gabadoo Team have never met your family before and know nothing about your child, they can only provide strategies based on the information you provide so be very detailed!

After you have filled in the relevant information in your Gabadoo, go through this checklist to make sure you have included the following:

Family & Home Life:

Description of your family & the structure of your family including siblings, pets or any extended family who are living in your home. 

Your daily routine including school hours, child-care, free-time in evenings and weekends. 

Strengths and Interests:

What does your child like to do?

What games, toys, T.V. programs, characters do they like?

What type of activities do they enjoy?

Make sure to include:

The specific sleep difficulties your child is experiencing. This may include difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or frequent night awakenings. Provide details about the frequency, duration, and intensity of these sleep challenges.

Detail your child's current sleep routine and bedtime rituals. Share information about the timing of bedtime, pre-bedtime activities, and any specific rituals or practices that are part of the routine. It is important to provide a comprehensive overview of the child's sleep environment and the factors that may be influencing their sleep.

Include any specific sleep dependencies your child has developed. These may include objects, rituals, or parental involvement that the child relies on to fall asleep. Mention any challenges associated with these associations and any previous attempts you have made to address them.

Describe your child's sleep environment, including the bedroom setup, lighting conditions, noise levels, and temperature. Highlight any factors that may be impacting your child's sleep quality or contributing to sleep disturbances.

Provide information about your child's daytime behaviours and routines that may be related to their sleep patterns. For example, discuss their nap schedule, overall daytime energy levels, and any factors that may be affecting their sleep-wake cycle.

Include any emotional or psychological factors that may be influencing your child's sleep. This could include anxiety, fears, separation issues, or stressful life events that may be affecting their sleep patterns.

Make sure to include the strategies or approaches you have tried to address the sleep difficulties and any concerns or frustrations you may have. Share any specific challenges or questions you have related to managing your child's sleep.

Also inform our team about any relevant medical conditions or medications that may impact your child's sleep. This includes any diagnosed sleep disorders, allergies, respiratory conditions, or other physical health concerns.

Very Important: What would you you like to gain from this Gabadoo? What are some of your goals? E.g. I would like to get strategies to support my child's ability to..

Next include videos and images (if appropriate & relevant)

  • Do not include videos or images where your child is not fully clothed. 
  • Images of your child's bedroom or where they regularly sleep can be helpful to evaluate the impact of the environment. 

Remember: The more information you give our team, the more individualised and relevant your plan will be. 

What support will I receive for my child?

Your information will be reviewed by one of our Gabadoo Experts who is experienced in supporting bed-time routines. They will detail individualised strategies, activities, next steps and helpful organisations and products that you can use at home to support your child. 

So, I'm ready to do my Gabadoo, what's my 'Area of Focus'

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