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A team of experienced OTs & SLTs for your school 

From Junior to Senior cycles, Gabadoo can support your staff and students at every step

Gabadoo provides schools with ongoing and individualised support from experienced and registered Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs). 

We assign schools with Lead Therapists from Gabadoo who will oversee the support provided to their students via our platform. Support calls are available between a schools Lead Therapists and Lead Liaison (typically a teacher or liaison officer) to provide continuous guidance. 

In conjunction with these support calls, training is made available to school staff, and our team will use Gabadoo Reviews to provide individualised support plans (Gaba Plans) for identified students in schools. Gaba Plans include tailored strategies that can be used in the classroom or in 1:1 teaching along with relevant demonstration/explanatory videos and product recommendations if necessary e.g fidget, pencil grip, speech game.

Educators often have an understanding for an SLTs role but did you know that OTs are experts in supporting students with a range of school-related skills aswell including handwriting, fine motor skills, gross motor skills & coordination, self-help and independence skills, toileting, attention and concentration, behaviour, sensory needs and emotional regulation. 

How it works 

Occupational Therapy in school, Speech and Language Therapists in school, Student supports, OT, SLT, Schools


Lead Therapists: These are very experienced Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists who oversee the support in a school. Depending on the schools need and plan chosen, they can just have OT/SLT or both.

Lead Liaison: This is typically a teacher or liaison officer from the school who will be the main point of contact with the schools Lead Therapists.

Support Calls: These are calls available with a school's Lead Therapists. They are for a teacher or Lead Liaison to use when more immediate OT or SLT support is needed for a situation in a classroom or if additional guidance is required about the implementation of strategies with a student. 

Gabadoo Reviews: These allow school staff to get individualised and regular therapeutic support for a student. The strategies are relevant to the student's needs and the environment in which the support will be taking place i.e. in the classroom, within 1:1 support or on the yard etc. The Gabadoo Reviews are completed by our team of experienced and registered therapists and overseen by the school's Lead Therapists.

Research Papers & Articles

Research has identified a range of benefits to utilising a collaborative approach between therapists and teachers including the ability of mutual sharing of expertise, respect for each other’s unique skills, an increase in students’ concentration, a decrease in undesired behaviours and improvements in effective interventions for children.

Research has also shown that teachers found in-classroom supports, in the child’s ‘natural context’ were less disruptive to their access to the curriculum than the traditional pulling children out of class to complete interventions.

Some research papers highlighting the collaboration between therapists & school staff & the use of telehealth:

Occupational Therapy Services in School-Based Practice: A Pediatric Occupational Therapy Perspective from Ireland. View: Online 
Promoting the role of occupational therapy in school-based collaboration: outcome project. View at: Publisher Site | Google Scholar
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How to Establish a Language-Rich Environment Through a Collaborative SLP–
Teacher Partnership. View Online
Integrating the Core. View Online
SLP-educator classroom collaboration: A review to inform reason-based practice. View Online  

There are two types of plans available for schools: Starter & Premium

Starter Plans

Occupational Therapy in schools, Speech Therapy in schoolsLead Therapist for Starter Plans: This is an experienced Occupational Therapist or Speech & Language Therapist who will oversee support provided. They spend time looking at submitted Gabadoo Reviews, and the Gaba Plans sent to schools from our team of therapists. If your Lead Therapist feels a support call is needed after reviewing a particular Gabadoo Review that was submitted, they will contact your school’s Lead Liaison. Support calls last 30 minutes and cost an additional €60. Support calls can also be requested by the Lead Liaison or a teacher for the same price.

Gabadoo Reviews: These allow for teachers/liaisons to get new strategies regularly to support a child. The Gabadoo Reviews are completed by our team of therapists, and overseen by your schools Lead Therapist. Each Gabadoo Review submitted uses one credit. Additional Gabadoo Review Credits can be added during the year if needed. These can also be used by schools for advice on sensory rooms, gross motor groups, product recommendations etc.

Premium Plans

Occupational Therapy in school, Speech and Language Therapists in school, Student supports, OT, SLT, Schools

Prices shown are for 12 months.

Split payments available.

The number of children the above packages can support depends on how the school wants to use the Gabadoo Reviews. For example, if you have 50 Gabadoo Review credits, that could get new strategies every month from an OT or SLT for 5 children for the school year, 10 children every second month for the school year, or, 50 children once during the school year.

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